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Three Signs Your Weed Is Bad

A close up of a marijuana leaf.
A close up of a marijuana leaf._SCALED

Many smokers who enjoy cannabis on a regular basis like to buy their buds in large batches.  It’s certainly a convenient way to purchase marijuana – who wants to take more trips to the dispensary than necessary?

But there’s also a danger in keeping marijuana around for too long and letting it go bad.  Knowing when your weed is bad takes a little practice of the senses, but here are three signs your bud has gone bad:

#1 Too Dry

One of the most common causes of good weed going bad: letting it dry out.  If your buds weren’t stored in an air tight container, or if they have just been around for a little too long, your wee may have gone bad.

If the nugs are brittle, crunchy, or visibly dry, it’s not going to smoke well.  Dry weed hits harsh and simply doesn’t make for a good experience.  But you should be able to avoid this happening for a good long time with an air tight container!

#2 It Has Mold On It

Moldy weed isn’t a common sight, but it’s definitely one to be wary of.  Mold on marijuana is known for being hard to spot, particularly because the mold is often a similar color as would be found on the weed anyway.

Usually, mold on marijuana is green or white, smelly, and found when moisture is nearby.  The biggest giveaway is the smell – musty and not at all appealing.  If you notice any of those signs, throw it in the trash.

#3 Weird Tastes

If you’ve had quality marijuana, you have a general sense of what it should taste like.  Sure, every strain has its own signature effect on the taste buds, but if your marijuana doesn’t taste like weed at all, it might be bad.

Weed that has gone bad might taste metallic or otherwise strange.  If you notice that, you should junk it immediately, because it could be evidence of mold.

You can also assume that marijuana that doesn’t have any taste at all, while probably not in as much danger of being moldy, has probably gone bad.”

Mac Jackman