Three Social Media Stars That Are Shaping Marijuana Culture

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#1 Charlo Green

Charlo Greene made waves in the media when she quit her job at a television news anchor on live television in the middle of a report about marijuana legalization.

The Alaskan woman reported her story about the Alaska Cannabis Club, the first medical marijuana resource in Alaska, before marijuana was recreationally legalized in the state.  The story was on the organization’s efforts to end the state’s prohibition of cannabis, which proved successful with 53% of the vote.

When she finished her report, she revealed the big surprise.  Charlo told her audience she was actually the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, and she was behind a lot of the advocacy.

She told her audience she wanted to devote her time to fair access to medical cannabis, and that she was quitting her job as an anchor for KTVA news.  She shocked the audience, saying “f*** it, I quit”, and walked right off the set.

The stunt paid off, as she is now a huge cannabis icon, and a successful activist and business person known nation wide.

#2 Krishna Andavolu

Green Rush Daily

You might have seen this next star on Viceland’s “Weediquette”, which successfully gets millions of views with every show.  The show Krishna hosts is one of the best for getting the latest trending news on the developments of the cannabis industry, news on medicinal benefits of marijuana, inside looks on what goes on behind the industry, and so much more.

His humorous and informative show is informing people all over the country on what the marijuana industry is all about, and it’s helping shape the culture while also reporting on it.

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#3 Zoe Kestan

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Green Rush Daily

Zoe Kestan, also known as “Weed Sl** 420”, boasts more than 35 thousand followers on Instagram.  She’s part of, and one of the most well known of, a whole “weed girl” phenomenon which, at its heart, seems to be a statement from the feminist perspective that says, yeah, girls smoke too.  And we’re rocking the feminine vibe while we do it.”

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