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Popular Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

A person working in the cannabis industry weighing marijuana on a scale.

A person working in the cannabis industry weighing marijuana on a scale.Cannabis is used for both recreational as well as medicinal purposes. The growth of the marijuana industry has fueled the growth of new careers with their attendant requisite skills. Some of these careers are entirely dependent on the marijuana industry while some of the skills are crosscutting. The legalization of marijuana has created jobs and revenues while uplifting auxiliary services and spurring innovation in the cannabis market. These are some of the prime jobs in the industry.

  1. Budtender. His job is similar to that of a bartender. He is the staffer who assists clients over the counter with advice on the available cannabis strains, their effects, uses and dosage. He walks you through the steps of choosing the strain of marijuana that meets your needs and preferences. This job requires extensive understanding of marijuana, their growth, chemical composition and an understanding of the industry. A good budtender can help to ascertain any complications or allergies a client has and how they can help him minimize the effects of marijuana in his condition.
  2. Edible Creator. There are lots of edibles created in the market every day. These range from cakes and cookies to butter and oils. Soda, candy, oatmeal, baked goods and coffee and some of the other favorite edibles laced with cannabis. This is far more technical than even budtenders job. It requires proper listing of the chemical contents and variety present in the cannabis used to create the edible. The list of edibles includes just about any type of food, snack or dessert that you can think of.
  3. Trimmer. Tending and preparation of cannabis is a whole process that is both an art and science. The process of trimming is incredibly delicate and tedious. It involves taking the buds from plants and trimming them into an aesthetically appealing product for packaging and sell to clients. This process also helps reduce excess weight and remove wilted or infected leaves. This job isn’t well-paying, but it’s necessary and much-needed in the industry.
  4. Concentrates Processor. This is a highly skilled and potentially hazardous job. The most popular and known concentrates include Hash oils, Rick Simpson oil, shatter and dabs. These concentrates have high chemical compositions and they are mainly used for medicinal purposes. This job requires a background in chemistry and lab operations. Given the popularity of concentrates, this position is becoming increasingly rewarding and lucrative. As vaporizers become commonplace concentrates are the future of marijuana consumption.
  5. Reviewers. As the cannabis industry grows there is a need for reviewers of strains, outlets, and the overall services offered by cannabis dealers. There are major websites dedicated to this end. Some of them include Wikileaf and Leafly. While some of these sites are general cannabis reviewers, a few of them have specialized as strain reviewers. Medical patients are mainly dependent on these reviews when shopping for the most suitable medical marijuana. Since the market is still evolving and new products hitting the market every day, the need for someone to help consumers makes sense is incredibly valuable.
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