Will Cannabis Be Legalized Worldwide Anytime Soon?

Among the wide array of drugs we are currently aware of, CANNABIS, IS PERHAPS THE MOST WELL KNOWN. Known for both its recreational and medicinal use, cannabis, for some, is nothing but an all-natural substance that offers nothing else but a relaxing and mood-lifting high.

Regardless of where you might stand, CANNABIS IS ILLEGAL IN MANY COUNTRIES across the world.

That being said, does the illegality of this substance mean there is something else to it? Or does it mean that cannabis is a misunderstood substance? LET’S FIND OUT!

Legal Marijuana Now Party at the Minnesota State capitol on April 20 2016

Cannabis – the facts

Over the years, cannabis or (MARIJUANA) has received both a lot of positive and negative praise. Some believe marijuana to be a dangerous gateway drug that lures poor individuals alike into a world of drug use/abuse.

On the other side of the aisle are those that believe this drug causes no harm and offers nothing but benefits. However, since this is, for the most part, just speculation, LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT THE FACTS.

  • CANNABIS CAN BE USED MEDICINALLY. Not only can marijuana be used medicinally, but its functions are very versatile. In the right form, cannabis can be used as a soothing agent for irritated skin and other skin sores. Taken orally, cannabis can reduce symptoms of anxiety and can also be used to ease insomnia. Its most common use in this area, however, is pain relief, as cannabis is widely known for its ability to reduce pain.
  • THERE ARE NO RECORDED DEATHS. Since cannabis can and is taken recreationally, the main concern for worried parents and family alike is that cannabis could cause harm or even kill anyone using it. While this is a reasonable worry to have, it isn’t concerning cannabis as it would take more than your own bodyweight in cannabis to even cause you harm.
  • CANNABIS MAY HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT. This point is often laughed off as marijuana when taken recreationally, can cause you to eat extremely high amounts of food. However, despite this certainty, marijuana is believed to speed up our basal metabolic rate. This, in turn, means that you will burn more overall calories at a faster rate. For some, cannabis is said to be a saving grace in this regard.
  • CANNABIS MAY HELP FIGHT CANCER. In this beginning, when this notion was first brought to light, most believed it to be nothing more than a rumour. Especially since this drug was only ever thought of as a gateway-street drug that brought nothing but harm. As it turns out, the claims are true and marijuana can assist with the neutralisation of certain cancers.
  • MARIJUANA MAY HELP TREAT DEPRESSION. While depression is overlooked by those who do not understand it, it is certainly a very serious illness. Nothing only can it destroy any given individuals quality of life but it can lead to drastic harm being taken on his or her life. That being said, it is said that the endocannabinoid found in cannabis can help to alleviate depression.

As you can now see, marijuana, without a doubt, accompany some very impressive benefits. The benefits listed above are all backed by science and if desired, you can read up online in more detail.

Now that we have clarified some of the main benefits, let’s talk about the legalization of cannabis!

The legalization of cannabiS

Cannabis march in Dublin Ireland in May 2012 pic 10
Legalize Cannabis March Dublin Ireland

After a read through the benefits listed above, you are probably wondering why some countries are still very strict with this substance. Well, believe me when I say that THIS IS AN AGE-OLD QUESTION.

Regardless, here are the main reasons as to why cannabis not only should be legalized worldwide but why it probably will.


With a much wider array of benefits, the ones listed above I would consider, the most promising in terms of worldwide change.

Ending it on a good note, the benefits that cannabis has to offer are being more recognized with each day that passes. If it continues this way, it is only a matter of time before marijuana becomes legal worldwide!

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