Chemdog 4 Feminized Seed


Embark on a cultivation journey with Chemdog #4 Feminized Seeds, where robust growth meets aromatic excellence. This indica-dominant hybrid, with its roots in legendary genetics, offers growers of all levels a rewarding experience. Admire its vivid green foliage as it matures into a bountiful yield, and indulge in the complex symphony of earthy, citrus flavors. Whether you’re a first-time grower or a seasoned cultivator, Chemdog #4 is your ticket to a fulfilling and enjoyable growing adventure.

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What is Chemdog #4 Feminized Seeds?

Chemdog #4 Feminized Seeds stand out in the world of cannabis cultivation for their unique attributes and storied origin. Part of the renowned Chemdog lineage, this variant is known for its distinctive characteristics and cultivation features.


Chemdog #4 traces its roots back to the famous Chemdog strain, a legend in cannabis culture. Originating from the crossing of Nepalese and Thai landraces, Chemdog #4 has inherited a rich genetic history. This specific variant is celebrated for its unique profile and consistent feminized seeds, ensuring a nearly all-female crop for growers.

Seed Characteristics

  • Genetic Composition: Primarily indica-dominant hybrid.
  • Appearance: The seeds develop into robust plants with a dense structure. Expect bright green foliage with a notable presence of trichomes.
  • Flowering Time: Typically, it flowers within 8-9 weeks.
  • Yield Potential: Optimized growing conditions can lead to generous yields.

Key Insights

  • Aroma and Flavor: Chemdog #4 is renowned for its sharp, pungent aroma with hints of lemon and pine. The flavor profile is similarly robust, offering a complex blend of earthy and citrus notes.
  • Grower Experience: Ideal for both novice and experienced growers. Its resilient nature makes it forgiving to minor cultivation mistakes.
  • Adaptability: Performs well in both indoor and outdoor setups, demonstrating a high degree of environmental adaptability.

Cultivation Tips

  • Climate Preference: Prefers a mild to warm climate with consistent light exposure.
  • Soil and Nutrition: Benefits from nutrient-rich soil. Regular feeding schedules enhance growth and yield.
  • Pruning and Training: Responds well to pruning and training techniques such as topping and Low-Stress Training (LST) to maximize light exposure and air circulation.
  • Harvesting Tips: Harvesting at the right time is crucial. Pay attention to the color of trichomes for optimal harvest timing.

Additional information


8-9 weeks

THC Content

17-28% THC

Cbd level

Low-less than 2%


Earth / Citrus / Pine / Chemical


Alpha-pinene / Humele / Limonene


450 gr -550 gr m2 indoor /  650 – 8500 gr. plant outdoor


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