Chocolope x Candy Feminized Seeds


Discover the delightful fusion of Chocolope and Candy strains with Chocolope x Candy Feminized Seeds. This Sativa-dominant hybrid offers a tantalizing blend of chocolate and sweet flavors, wrapped in a seed that promises robust growth and high yields. Ideal for both new and seasoned growers, these seeds are your ticket to an aromatic and flavorful cultivation experience.

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What is Chocolope x Candy Feminized Seeds?

Chocolope x Candy Feminized Seeds are a dynamic blend of genetics, combining the rich, chocolatey notes of Chocolope with the sweet, indulgent essence of Candy strains. This hybrid creates a unique sensory experience for enthusiasts who appreciate a confectionery twist in their cultivation journey.


The lineage of Chocolope x Candy Feminized Seeds is a tale of two flavorful worlds colliding. On one side, Chocolope, renowned for its chocolate coffee profile, brings its Sativa-dominant traits to the mix. The other half, Candy, infuses the hybrid with its signature sugary sweetness, creating a blend that is both indulgent and balanced.

Seed Characteristics

  • Genetics: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Appearance: The seeds exhibit a robust and healthy size, with a smooth, shiny coat indicative of their quality.
  • Germination Rate: High germination rate, ensuring a promising start for every grower.
  • Feminized: These seeds are feminized, meaning they are bred to eliminate male chromosomes, assuring nearly 100% female plants.

Key Insights

  • Flavor Profile: Expect a symphony of sweet and chocolate notes, making every cultivation an aromatic delight.
  • Growth Pattern: These seeds are known for their vigorous growth and resilience, making them suitable for both novice and experienced cultivators.
  • Yield Potential: With optimal conditions, growers can anticipate generous yields, thanks to the robust genetics of both parent strains.

Cultivation Tips

  • Climate: Prefers a warm and stable climate, with ample sunlight.
  • Soil: Well-draining, nutrient-rich soil enhances growth and flavor profiles.
  • Watering: Regular, but not excessive watering is key to avoid over-saturation.
  • Training Techniques: Techniques like topping and LST (Low-Stress Training) can be effective in maximizing yield and promoting even growth.

Additional information


10 – 12 weeks

THC Content

17-22% THC

Cbd level

Low-less than 2%


Sweet / Mocha


Valencene / Linalool / Caryophyllene


400 – 500 gr. m2 indoor. / 500 – 600 gr/m2 Outdoor


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