Star Killer x Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds


Embark on a cultivation journey with Star Killer x Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds, where the legendary potency of Star Killer melds seamlessly with the balanced harmony of Do-Si-Dos. These seeds promise a delightful growing experience, producing plants that boast dense, resin-rich buds and an enchanting aroma profile of earthy pine and sweet undertones. Perfect for both novice and experienced growers, these seeds offer a harmonious blend of high yield potential and manageable cultivation, ensuring every grower enjoys the satisfaction of a bountiful, fragrant harvest. Discover the unique fusion of two cannabis titans in your garden with Star Killer x Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds.

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What is Star Killer x Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds?

Star Killer x Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds represent a unique fusion of two celebrated cannabis strains, Star Killer and Do-Si-Dos, carefully bred to create a robust and versatile plant. This feminized seed variety ensures that almost every seed matures into a flowering female plant, making it a valuable choice for cultivators seeking efficiency and consistency in their growing endeavors.


Star Killer x Do-Si-Dos traces its lineage to two notable parent strains. Star Killer, the winner of multiple cannabis awards, is renowned for its potent indica dominance, derived from a cross between Skywalker OG and Rare Dankness #2. Do-Si-Dos, on the other hand, is a well-balanced hybrid originating from OGKB and Face Off OG. The amalgamation of these two strains results in a unique genetic profile that is reflected in its growth patterns, aroma, and flavor.

Seed Characteristics

  • Genetic Composition: Predominantly Indica.
  • Germination Period: Approximately 3-7 days under optimal conditions.
  • Flowering Time: Roughly 8-10 weeks.
  • Yield: Generous, especially when grown under ideal conditions.

The seeds exhibit a high germination rate and are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Their feminized nature significantly reduces the likelihood of male plants, thus focusing energy on producing flower-rich female plants.

Key Insights

  • Aroma and Flavor Profile: A unique blend of earthy, pine, and sweet notes, inherited from its parent strains.
  • Appearance: The plants display a rich green hue with occasional purple streaks, and dense, resin-coated buds.
  • Climate Adaptability: Adapts well to various climatic conditions but thrives in controlled environments.

Cultivation Tips

  1. Temperature and Humidity Control: Ideal temperatures range between 70-80°F (21-27°C) with moderate humidity levels, especially during the flowering stage.
  2. Lighting: Prefers intense light during the vegetative stage; LED or HPS lights are recommended for indoor cultivation.
  3. Soil and Nutrients: Well-draining soil enriched with organic nutrients supports healthy growth. Regular feeding schedules are crucial.
  4. Pruning: Periodic pruning helps manage plant size and promotes air circulation, which is vital for preventing mold and mildew.
  5. Pest Management: Regular inspections and natural pest control methods are recommended to maintain plant health.

Additional information

Packet size

12 Seeds, 18 Seeds, 6 Seeds


60-70 days

THC Content

20-30% THC

Cbd level

Low-less than 2%


Sweet / Kush / Fruity / Citrus and floral notes / earthy


Alpha-bisabolol / Alpha Cedrene / Alpha Terpineol / Borneol / Camphene / Citral / D-Limonene / Eugenol / Fenchol / Linalool / Nerolidol / Orange Terpenes / Phytol / Terpinolene


indoor 400 – 500 gr. m2 – outdoor  600 gr. Plant


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