How to Buy Original Clones and Glue Seeds

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When the new strain came out Nevada breeders preferred to call it “GG#4” or “Gorilla Glue #4.” However, it has been quite a while since they lost the naming battle as the strain came to be referred to as “Original Glue” – claiming its position as the first and best of the Glue phenomenon. The […]

How to Have Cannabis Yields All Year Round

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Nothing beats the high of having some fresh cannabis crop from the field whenever you want it. The best way of doing this is by implementing a system known as perpetual harvest in which you maintain a garden of the cannabis crop year round. The concept of perpetual harvest entails harvesting a little bit of […]

Ginger tea and cannabread, anyone?

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For people that do not want to smoke pot, beverages and infused edibles can a great alternative that does not involve smoking a joint. In fact, it has been found that taking cannabis in this way produces a longer and stronger effect than if one were to smoke it. In recent times, technologies such as […]

Organic Vs. Hydroponic Grows

Cannabis can be cultivated in two ways: growing organically and using hydroponic systems. Organic cannabis is grown in soil while hydroponic cannabis grows indoors using technology that provides nutrients to the plant. We are going to address the difference between these two methods of cannabis cultivation. Organic Cannabis This is the traditional method of cannabis […]

New Zealand Legislation set to Ease Access to Medical Marijuana

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The new laws have been passed two years before New Zealanders head to a referendum on the status of medical marijuana. The new law that the New Zealand government just implemented means that thousands of patients that may need to use medical marijuana will now have access to the therapies. But it has not been […]

Medical Cannabis Research Turns to Seniors in Long-Term Care

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Constant back pain is one of the most common complaints for the elderly. However while Cannabis has been shown to be an effective treatment for back pain among a range of other conditions, the elderly are yet to take to the revolutionary cannabis therapies. Many of the elderly have heard of cannabis and how it […]

How Is It Possible to Attain Weed Equality?

It is a fact that nations like the United Kingdom are debating regarding cannabis reforms. Now, a question arises whether Massachusetts, which happens to be the most recent state in the United States to legalize the sale of cannabis, is going to provide any replacement for communal justice. At present, the much expected “begin operations” […]

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis

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Many people have a problem engaging their doctor about marijuana due to the negative perception by the public. While it is normal to feel embarrassed, it’s important to prioritize your health. Studies have shown that cannabis is effective in treating a wide range of mental disorders. The doctor’s feelings and opinions should not take precedence […]