Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds


Discover the enchanting world of Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds, where exceptional flavor meets unparalleled growing ease. Born from the legendary lineage of Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies, these seeds bring to your garden a symphony of sweet and earthy notes, wrapped in stunning purple-hued foliage. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, they promise a bountiful harvest, resilient against common challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or just beginning your journey, Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds are your gateway to a rewarding and aromatic cultivation experience. Embark on your growing adventure with these gems and watch your garden transform into a canvas of vibrant colors and tantalizing scents.

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What is Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds?

Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds are a premium choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a unique blend of flavors and aromas. Originating from a cross between two legendary strains, Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies, this variant offers a captivating experience for growers and connoisseurs alike. Known for its vibrant hues and robust growth characteristics, Blue Cookies stands out as a top-tier option for those seeking to expand their cultivation repertoire.


The lineage of Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds is deeply rooted in cannabis history. It’s a hybrid blend that combines the sweet, fruity notes of Blueberry with the rich, earthy tones of Girl Scout Cookies. This combination results in a unique profile that pays homage to its esteemed parent strains, making it a popular choice among those who appreciate the depth and complexity of hybrid cannabis varieties.

Seed Characteristics

  • Genetics: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Feminized Seeds: Ensures that every plant will flower, eliminating the need to identify and remove male plants.
  • Coloration: A striking display of deep green foliage with hints of purple.
  • Flowering Time: Approximately 8-10 weeks.
  • Yield: Known for generous yields, making it a rewarding choice for growers.

Key Insights

  • Aroma and Flavor: A delectable combination of sweet berry and subtle earthy notes.
  • Grower’s Preference: Well-suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.
  • Resilience: Exhibits a strong resistance to common pests and molds, ideal for growers at various experience levels.

Cultivation Tips

  • Lighting: Thrives under strong, consistent light but can also adapt to varying light conditions.
  • Soil Conditions: Prefers well-drained soil, rich in organic matter.
  • Watering Schedule: Regular watering is key, but avoid overwatering to prevent root rot.
  • Temperature and Humidity: Best grown in a controlled environment with moderate humidity levels.
  • Training Techniques: Responds well to training techniques like topping and low-stress training (LST) to maximize yield.

Additional information


8 – 10 weeks

THC Content

18-21% THC

Cbd level

Low-less than 2%


Berry / Earthy / Herbal


Beta Caryophyllene / Alpha Humulene / Limonene / Myrcene / Linalool / Nerolidol / Beta Pinene / Geranyl Acetate / Alpha Pinene / Eucalyptol / Alpha Phellendrene / Caryophyllene Oxiyde / Δ-3-Carene / Terpinolene


400 gr. m2 indoor / 550 gr. plant outdoor.


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